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Cosign is a proof of concept application built on top of Witness Protocol. This app demonstrates the ability for a user or developer to create and issue digital assets, at any scale, without upfront or dynamic onchain transaction fees. Cosign consists of the following user flow:

Create an asset

  1. Alice uploads an image or message
  2. Witness uploads this image or message to IPFS
  3. Alice signs over the content (IPFS CID) - proving they Witnessed the content
  4. The entire "envelope" entailing the IPFS CID and Alice's signature information is hashed
  5. The hash is submitted to Witness
  6. Witness provides Alice with a Witness Proof - proving when she Witnessed the content

Mint the asset

Despite existing offchain by default, Alice can upgrade her Witness Proof to an onchain NFT at any point in the future if she has the desire to do so. In the mean time, she can download and store her proof or retrieve it from Witness.

Sharing the asset

  1. Alice can share her Cosign link with Bob
  2. Bob can cosign the content to issue his own copy
  3. Bob can also upgrade his Witness Proof to an onchain NFT at any point in the future

What's Next?

We'll be releasing additional features that add custom issuance and minting logic over the coming weeks. Follow Witness on Twitter (opens in a new tab) or Farcaster (opens in a new tab) to be the first to try these features once they release!